Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

To most entrepreneurs and board members, a merger or acquisition is a unique event with great personal and strategic impact. The sale of a company in whole or in part, the acquisition of a business, or a merger, between two companies are areas in which Clairfield Belgium is specialised. We possess strong knowledge, experience and motivation to successfully manage such an impactful and complex process from origination to execution. The success of these ventures implies achieving the best resultst for our clients, and while our advice is direct and focused, our thought process can be unconventional. With a track record of more than 10 years, we are confident independent advisers with entrepreneurial spirit, who have the drive to get our clients the best deal.

Specialised sector knowledge is crucial as it provides our clients with an immediate competitive edge. Our team has access and connections to the right organisations and individuals to help achieve optimal results. We offer our clients exclusive access to our unique network within the Belgium, but also globally through Clairfield International, an organisation with over 400 corporate finance professionals.

Sale of a company

The start of every sales process involves thorough preparation including a financial analysis and valuation. Our sector specialists first draft an exhaustive list of potential buyers, often parties that we are already familiar with. After carefully consulting with our client, we then select the most suitable buyers and provide them with transaction related information.

Confidentiality and trust are the most important KPI’s in this scenario. As there are multiple ways to run a sales process, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, we discuss the right approach for our clients’ specific circumstances from the very beginning. We offer professional support and manage the entire process, including all negotiations. Our priority is to get optimal results, without losing sight of business continuity and role of employees during and following the transaction process.

Purchase of a company

When we advise the buyer, we are “deal-driven” with ongoing and close oversight. From identifying targets that fit our clients’ strategy, to final negotiations on terms and conditions of the transaction, we provide independent and unbiased support in obtaining financing for the deal. Focal points in achieving this are the cooperation with, and the added value for our clients. If needed, we build and validate the investment case to support internal decision- making processes. Together with clients we compose a convincing offer to the seller, and direct and coordinate the entire transaction process. During the transaction we are not only focused on quantitative analysis and clear mutual expectations, but also invest time in strengthening the bond between the buyer and the seller to create a solid foundation for the future. Upon request we support our clients further on the PMI.