As the demand for transparency increases, the government is often faced with questions regarding the necessity of state-owned businesses. Part of the answer to this question frequently involves judging whether ownership is a public responsibility and to what extent it serves the public interest. Furthermore, the government is constantly busy implementing financial regulation and supervising private parties.

The sector specialists of Clairfield Belgium benefit from a local approach and extensive experience in supporting government entities at all levels, whether local or national. We connect public and private parties and advise both sides on public ownership and the financial consequences of regulation. Clairfield Belgium are leaders in this sector with strong expertise in the niche of regulated markets. A position we maintain through initiatives like our annual survey of the financial performance of (partially) state-owned enterprises.

Our portfolio of clients in the public domain include both national and local government entities. Examples of national entities are the Belgian Ministry of Finance, whom we have supported in the sale of the Belgian Royal Mint, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, whom we have advised on the valuation of the Dutch radio frequencies. Other clients include regulatory bodies, but also companies active in regulated markets. We have operated together with Nomura in the assessment of the FPIM-SFPI portfolio and are now nominated as advisor to the Belgian State together with Nomura in the IPO of Belfius.

Clairfield Belgium is ISO 9001 : certified

Clairfield Belgium works according to strict quality guidelines and is ISO 9001 : certified. This certification allows us to provide unparalleled services to public- and private institutions as an expert on regulated markets.

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