Consumer & Retail

Consumer & Retail

Consumer & Retail

The Consumer & Retail sector is constantly evolving, causing market demands to change rapidly for businesses active in this sector. The modern consumer is very sensitive to trends and has high standards. Therefore, responding to the consumer quickly and creatively has become vital.

Traditional retail businesses are often under pressure, while online retail operations continue to grow. As sector specialists, we focus on strategic propositions for e-commerce and traditional retail businesses, or a combination of both. We believe that there are still significant opportunities for successful transactions in traditional retail activities.

The sector specialists at Clairfield Belgium are active throughout the entire value chain, from production of consumer goods to wholesale chains and retail concepts.

The Belgian food and agri sector has traditionally held a strong position in global markets and remains robust to maintain this position in the future. However, the sector faces big challenges overall. How does one combine authenticity, tradition, traceability, health and animal well being with competitive prices? How can food producers cope with consumers that are increasingly sensitive to trends, that are developing an increasingly international palette, and are acting impulsive? These are some of the questions which players in this sector are faced with. This highlights the need for all parties in this sector to compete fiercely.

Our close collaboration with sector specialists from the wider Clairfield network allows us to identify the right international strategic partners. We are known to take a proactive approach when it comes to serving our clients, whether it involves connecting them to the right parties or consulting them on valuation, refinancing or other matters related to corporate finance.


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