Ajinomoto OmniChem acquired a majority stake in Agro2Agri

October 17, 2017

Ajinomoto OmniChem acquired a majority stake in Agro2Agri

Ajinomoto OmniChem acquired a majority stake in Agro2Agri

Mission Summary

Clairfield Benelux have advised Ajinomoto Co (“Ajinomoto”), through their Belgian subsidiary Ajinomoto OmniChem N.V. (“Ajinomoto OmniChem”), on the successful acquisition of a majority stake in Agro2Agri S.L., a Spanish agrochemical consortium specialised in the production and marketing of bio stimulants.


Ajinomoto OmniChem is the Belgian subsidiary of the Japanese multinational company Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto is a global manufacturer of quality seasonings, processed foods, beverages, amino acids, pharmaceuticals and speciality chemicals. Ajinomoto OmniChem manufacture and sell pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs globally.

Agro2Agri is a Spanish agrochemical consortium previously owned by Grupo Dadelos, comprised of three subsidiaries: Dadelos Agrosolutions, AgriTecno Fertilizantes and Agrigentum. Ajinomoto OmniChem previously owned a 4.5% stake in all three subsidiaries and sought to acquire a majority stake in Agro2Agri by raising their stakes in the subsidiaries.

Ajinomoto OmniChem aimed to expand their agro business by entering the rapidly growing bio stimulants market. Additionally, the European market proved to be a valuable fit as it represents 40% of the global market and is the fastest-growing region. Ajinomoto OmniChem will take advantage of the joint development of new products and customers, and will further establish their speciality division in the European agrochemicals market.